If more people travelled the world would be a less ignorant place. The more we travel the more we realise that we are ‘one’. We learn tolerance and how to harmoniously live and support one another.  I have met people from all kinds of backgrounds, religions and nationalities and some of these have turned into lifelong friends. You find kindness in strangers and learn how to trust and be trusted. I have tasted strange and exotic foods (sparrow on a stick springs to mind) and learnt lessons that have shaped me into the woman I am today.

Travel has also made me appreciate ‘home’ and the things that most people take for granted e.g. clean water, free health care, and nutrition. I have experienced the despair of families losing loved ones because they can’t afford simple medication or a doctor’s visit.

We just don’t realise how lucky we are and how we should be grateful for our privileged Western lives when so many people in the world have near to nothing. I have been inspired by these same people who live a life full of happiness and love regardless of the poverty and corruption that they experience in everyday life.

Life really is a wonderful gift. Sometimes we need to sometimes stop and reflect on the beautiful moments we have experienced and the people we’ve shared them with. Keep exploring, keep experiencing and keep loving so when your final day comes you can say “I’m glad I did” not “I wish I had”.

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