The Rise & Fall of Fitness Trackers


So the word on ‘Fit Street’ is that Jawbone has entered into liquidation proceedings and their fitness trackers will be no more. Although a company representative is yet to comment, this news comes as NO shock to me and here’s why…..

Once upon a time, around 2 years ago, I was a proud owner of the UP3 fitness tracker. The elegant design looked more like a jewelry piece compared to the bulky masculine designs of their competitors and their hardware is still arguably the most advanced in the world.

So where did things start to go wrong for Jawbone fitness trackers?

In my personal experience the design was flawed. The clasp on the UP3 wasn’t secure and came undone easily. After the 5th time of finding my tracker on the floor my luck ran out and alas, my first UP3 is hanging out somewhere on the streets of Manchester. At that time I was so smitten by my gold and cream fit buddy that I felt like I had lost an arm not a tracker. Combine my saudade along with my frivolous nature; I of course jumped online to buy a replacement ASAP!

Determined not to repeat my mistakes I tightened my UP3 band to the point where it was threatening to cut off blood supply and I bonded with my virtual PT once again. Three months later I was doomed to lose my precious again when the band started to show signs of severe corrosion.

At £130 a pop and in less than six months I wasn’t about to purchase my 3rd fitness tracker, so I decided to call the company to state my case for a replacement. This is where the tell tale signs of a company in trouble started to appear. Firstly an automated phone message told me that the call center was permanently closed and I should use the online form on their website to communicate. My first message was not responded to, the second I was asked to provide photographic evidence and receipts, which I did, and then all communication stopped. Several emails sent and not a peak. Social media sites were littered with angry comments all with similar complaints of faulty bands and no communication. Anyhoo to cut a long story short, the consumer ombudsman sent a friendly nudge on my behalf and a new tracker was sent, albeit in a dodgy unmarked envelope and packaged beautifully….in bubble wrap.

After further frustrations of low battery life and difficulties charging I decided to end my brief and passionate love affair with Jawbone and enter into a new fitness relationship with rival FitBit.


Jawbone is still involved in on-going trade secret and patent lawsuits with Fitbit who have clearly won the war to dominate the fitness tracker market with the introduction of their new and advanced Charge 2 tracker.

Voted as a Top 3 fitness tracker by not only does FitBit get my heart racing I think it’s a love affair that I am committed to for the long run.

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