Get Swole & Flexy with ROMWOD

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Swole & Flexy….. ROMWOD???”

“Pass me the urban dictionary so I can shed some light on this henious title. ” 

Unless you are some uber-cool fitness guru you are probably feeling a little perplexed right now. I definitely was when my friend’s fitness-loving husband recommended that I should add this innovative new fitness program to my workout regime.

ROMWOD stands for ‘Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day’ and is based on ancient Kung Fu techniques that strengthen and open joints resulting in optimal range of motion. Their website provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity.

What does this entail??

Hard core stretching!

Well the creators of ROMWOD (brothers Jerimiah & Daniel Head) say it can’t be technically called ‘stretching’ as it’s not about warming muscles but opening up the whole body. They claim that your ligaments, joints, tissues and even mind are expanded and strengthened by the daily use of this program.

Yoga bunnies will be familiar with some of postures that are used in the program. These are combined with others originiating from Kung Fu & Taoist Yin.

Now I have no clue about the latter two, but I do enjoy yoga. The trouble is that due to my busy lifestyle I struggle to commit to a standard 60-90 minute class. Also, if I’m honest, I can sometimes get bored or worse, start stressing mid-class that I have way more important things to be getting on with.

The beauty of ROMWOD is that is has all the benefits of yoga like increasing your flexibility, strengthening and opening the mind & body for a commitment of only 20 minutes a day!

My kind of workout….

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So after some research I thought I would give it a try and sign up to the 1 week free trial in the pursuit of getting ‘swole’ (‘muscular’ or in ‘good shape’) and ‘flexy’ (a combination of flexible and sexy) LOVE!!

I chose to follow the weekly programming which delivers a new video accessible from the homepage daily. Log in, click play and your daily dose of ROMWOD begins. Simples!

For me ROMWOD was like picking some of my favourite yoga stretches and holding them for a lot longer and much deeper. Depending on the position this was either a heavenly experience or sheer hell. Some positions made me feel like I was going to be wheeled into hospital for an early hip replacement!

However, with the encouragement of the instructor’s soothing voice I remained calm, deepened my breath and moved one step closer to…..

“The Warrior Mentality”

This is basically what ROMWOD defines as your new #MentalGoals.

I didn’t have to wait a week to notice the difference. In each session I noticed an increase in my flexibility, my stress levels decreased and I looked forward to each daily online class. I chose to do the workout before bed and it was a perfect way to wind down after a long day.

There are no excuses to miss a class that lasts just 20 minutes and such a short session makes you crave more. If you do need that extra flexy fix then there are longer classes that last 45 minutes. However, I found it such a pleasure to just follow the automatic programming sessions.

It really is a no brainer way to workout, and I wholly recommend that you give it a try!

Visit to get the swole & flexy feeling now!

I would love to know if you enjoyed the ROMWOD program and whether it helped you get that one step closer to reaching your ‘Destination Karma..’

So why not leave me a comment below…

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