Karma & Sanctum – A match made in Rock ‘n’ Roll heaven?

Hot off the press! Karma Group has joined forces with the Sanctum Hotel Group to develop a number of rock music themed hotels in strategic locations. Allied with a lifestyle private membership club this partnership brings together an enormous collective experience, in both the music and hospitality industries.

Sanctum currently has two hotels in England, including a highly successful boutique rock orientated property in Soho. Located in the heart of London’s West End, the Sanctum Soho Hotel is described as having an ‘an edgy glamour’ and an ‘artsy, bohemian flair.’ This theme is very much inline with the vision of Karma Group’s owner John Spence who regularly describes himself as a ‘5 star hippy’.

Spence is one of the world’s most respected trail-blazers and free-thinkers in the fields of travel and entertainment. A past winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and a passionate music-lover; Spence once admitted to playing in a punk bands wearing only a plastic bin liner! His new business partnership with Mark Fuller a fellow rocker, visionary and hotelier extraordinaire will be sure to send big booming sound waves through the hospitality industry.

So what could Karma Club members expect from this Rock ‘n’ Roll collaboration? Not only will there be great rates and discounts to stay in the sexy-chic Sanctum Hotels, but members could also enjoy VIP experiences – including preferential tickets to rock concerts, band ‘meet & greet’ opportunities, and backstage passes.

My thoughts….Rock on, John and Mark! I think this is definitely a match made in Rock ‘n’ Roll heaven.


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