Clean up your Dirndl & spruce up your Lederhosen it’s Beer O’ Clock

Germany is a country that guzzles about 5 billion litres of beer annually. From August onwards a good percentage of that 5 billion is consumed at one of the many beer festivals. On our Bavarian doorstep, there are two of the best….


Rosenheim Herbstfest – 27th August – 11th September 2016

Munich isn’t the only pace in Germany with an impressive beer festival.  The Rosenheim Herbstfest is the 2nd oldest Beer Festival in Germany and draws over 1 million visitors annually. Fun for all the family the festival is a feast for all the senses. Amusement rides, traditional stalls, a beauty pageant, sizzling bratwursts, fireworks, and of course lots and lots of beer await you. So join the locals for an authentic German experience.

beer fest

The 183rd OktoberFest – 17th September – 7th October 2016

Clean up your Dirndl and spruce up your lederhosen to join 5.9 million guests from Munich and all over the world for the largest and most traditional beer festival. Drink beer by the litre and eat traditional Bavarian food such as pretzels with a diameter of 15 inches. Listen to live brass bands playing traditional Bavarian music as well as more up-to-date music, and enjoy yourself whilst dancing and singing the hours away. Think Disneyland for adults. Think must do!


Stay at Karma Bavaria and visit Rosenheim Herbstfest & the OktoberFest . Prices start from 185 euros per night. Email or call +49208026080 to reserve your place for the ultimate Bavarian party.

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