10 Reasons Why I Love Spring on Scilly

Spring is one of my favourite times to visit The Isles of Scilly. There is still a sleepy feel to the islands as businesses open their doors for the first time in the year to welcome an influx of tourists in March. Families and couples alike celebrate not only Easter but the sheer beauty of these islands before the summer rush begins.

Here are ten reasons why I ‘heart’ Scilly in Spring….

1.Fields and fields of daffodils set upon a backdrop of stunning scenery


The daffodil… the ultimate sign that Spring is finally here..

2. Things that make you go awwwww!


Baby birds, baby lambs, baby goats, even baby humans. There’s a lot of cuteness on Scilly at this time of year.

3. The weather is gorgeous!


I dont know why… maybe its the gulf stream. Spring weather on Scilly is glorious! It’s 4th April and I just got myself a T-shirt tan mark and a sunkissed glow.

4. Learn from the Locals


Local fisherman Toby had some free time to take one of our guests out for a successful net fishing lesson on St. Martin’s. William and family enjoyed a freshly prepared fish and chips supper that evening by head chef Richard.

5. Deserted Beaches


The ulimate castaway experience. Just dont start talking to the coconuts….

6. The Daymark Festival

FullSizeRender copy9

Wellies at the ready, get up close and personal with some of the best local music talent available. The Daymark is held every year over Easter Weekend, find out more here…

7. Love Garlic? You’ll love the scent of Scilly


These pretty little flowers are known as wild garlic or the three cornered leek and line the sides of the roads on Scilly. Their pungent garlic smell fills the air when walking in Scilly in Spring

8. Dogs can roam free….


Until May dogs are allowed on every beach in Scilly. After all that exploring they can put their paws up in luxury at Karma St. Martin’s. Doggy holiday heaven!

9. Spring Sunsets

No words…. just watch

10. Karma St. Martin’s Opens with amazing holiday deals

Main Shot KSM

Most accommodation providers offer low season rates which makes Scilly that little bit more affordable. Karma St. Martin’s has Stay 4 and Pay 3 night and Locals offers until the end of May. Find out more by calling 01720 422368 or email fom@karmastmartins.com.

Check out Isles of Scilly Travel website for great deals on siling to Scilly on the ‘Scillonian’ this Spring.

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