Grasping at Joy

On days like today, I fear that I will never experience joy again. As I prepare to move halfway around the world to start a new life I experience a mix of emotions. Some days excitement, other days anxiety but today it is utter heartache and dread. I have just said goodbye to my 6-month-old pup who’s boarding a plane to the UK as I write this post. It is the saddest time for me as it marks the inevitable. In exactly a week I will have to endure a major life change and with that comes sacrifices.

As we go through life’s trials and tribulations it can be hard to contain the joy within. However, like most emotions; joy and happiness is just a mindset that you can control. You don’t have to wait to be joyful, you can choose to be it right now. Easily said, but how can it be done?

Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be – Eckhart Tolle

Fun is chicken soup for the soul. A fun-filled lust for play and laughter eases the burden of the mind and the body. Have hobbies, challenge your friends, host game nights, or get out and explore nature. We grow through creative play. Creativeness brings a sense of absorption and selflessness (hence writing this blog when I’m feeling down). Try seeing the funny side of life and use humour (in good taste) to lighten another’s burden. Most of all enjoy these moments and channel your inner child within.

Being deeply loved my someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage – Lao Tzu

The world is a blissful place when love is given but also received.It comes from all sorts of surprising places. If you keep giving out love you shall receive it. Give an old friend a call to show you care, smile at a stranger, give a heartfelt hug, or give a gift no matter how small. These selfless acts will no doubt cause joy to come from within.

Fancy a hug??? Come on then…

So what are you waiting for??? Be spontaneous, be joyful. The trick is just-to-do-it before the mind is able to interfere. Trust your intuition, follow your heart. I did, and I hope joy is just around the corner for me.

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