Healing through Meditation


In our busy lives it is easy to neglect our health or the people that matter. Sometimes you need to stop take a breath, relax and heal.

Healing involves restoring balance and equilibrium to the mind body and soul.

The Balinese practice ‘tri hita karana’ which involves maintaining balance and harmony between the gods, the environment, and the community. Only with this balance, the Balinese believe, can you achieve happiness and peace.

But how do we achieve balance?

Living in the ‘now’ without the internal chatter of our minds worrying about the future or the past is where our mental health is at its best. Quietening of the mind will assist in the healing process. One of the ways we can practice and train our minds to become quiet, is through meditation.

Starting to practice meditation can be a daunting and even a frustrating process. Many people don’t even know where to start, I know I didn’t!

My first experience of meditation was in Bali. I fell in love with the country after going there on a family vacation after graduation. The people, their culture, and the joy I felt made me jump on a plane 6 months later, armed with one suitcase and the desire to start a new life. My life like everyone else’s had its up’s and downs but at that time I had a series of downs which led me into a world of anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I have never been a fan of taking medication. I was determined not to go down the route of anti-depressants. The only way I was going to come out of this was to heal myself. I didn’t know where to start…

Then one day I met Ketut; a Bluebird taxi driver by day and a Balinese priest when off the meter. During the 40 minute ride from Seminyak to Ungasan he taught me about the Balinese philosophy of ‘tri hita karana’  and chakra meditation for healing. I had never even heard of the word chakra before, and most of the things he spoke about went over my head. However that evening I jumped on the internet to do some more research.

I found a chakra test online (link at the bottom of the page) that revealed that only 2 out of my 7 chakras were working properly. Two were completely closed and the others were over or under active. If this test was accurate, no wonder I was feeling so out of balance!

Every morning I practiced meditation outside in the garden with guidance from the website ‘Eclectic Energies’. At first, it was so difficult to stop the endless chatter that was going through my head. Endless thoughts of what I had to do for the day, or what I was going to eat for lunch frustrated me and it was hard not to feel angry at the disturbance. But with practice, the periods of stillness grew longer. I started to view new thoughts that tried to creep into my mind undetected with a playful smile.

Another thing that really helped my concentration was to focus on colours, outlines or shadows that you can still see when you close your eyes. When your mind feels scattered just watch the endless changing patterns that dance behind your eyelids.

I practiced most days for varying times according to my mood and schedule. With each continued practice I felt better and better. I felt more relaxed, peaceful and connected.

Six months later I was healed, no therapists, no pills, just me, the power of my mind and these funny little things that call themselves chakras.

Test your chakras here….. 🙂

Please Note

I must stress that everyone is different and if you are suffering from depression and anxiety always seek professional help. See your doctor and explore every solution. The beauty about meditation is it will compliment any medical treatment. 

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