Hi! Pleased to meet you…..


I’m Francesca and since graduating I have been on an incredible journey, which has taken me around the globe. I’ve experienced many different cultures, met some amazing people along the way, but most importantly, I have learnt a lot of life lessons. Some good, some bad, but all have served a purpose. Each and every one of these lessons has helped me to achieve a balance within my mind, body and soul – Cue the Sita melody!

Ok, maybe not…. “Balancing mind, body & soul”. Why does this phrase make me cringe!?

The truth is I am not a yogi. I am not sitting here writing this in some ashram up in the Himalayas whilst sipping Kombucha tea.

I am just a girl who sometimes gets ridiculously drunk and then the next day binges on carbs and box sets.

A girl who makes seriously bad love choices and now has more things in common with Bridget Jones than she would like to admit.

A girl who goes from blasting Beyonce’s “Who runs the world” to a self-doubting snotty tearful mess in less than a day.

This, if you were wondering is totally NORMAL girl behaviour.

Someone obviously forgot to issue me with the ‘girly handbook for life’ reassuring me that this and other hormonal driven nonsensical actions will occur on a regular basis throughout your life and you shouldn’t be sectioned immediately or think you are the devil incarnated.

Therefore, I am writing this blog because I have had quite an array of both horrific and also amazing experiences that have been jam-packed into my 34 years of living. These experiences have taught me how to deal with some of life’s most painful lessons. To be able to come out the other side a relatively “normal” person armed with a whole bunch of life changing tips and techniques.

With that said, it would feel like an absolute crime if I did not share with you these techniques to keep your body and mental wellbeing in the best possible shape….even when life absolutely sucks!

These techniques, tips, travel experiences and products have helped me get closer to reaching my ‘Destination Karma’ and I use them each and everyday.

I really do hope that you might find something on here that will help you reach your own ‘Destination Karma’ too!

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Remember life is the teacher and we are all in a constant state of learning. If we share our life lessons (yes, even the embarrassing ones) then the world will become a less daunting and confusing place for us all.

Love & Best Wishes